Los Fancy-Free comes from Mexico City. Frontman is Martin Thulin aka Menonita Rock, born in the State of Chihuahua, Northern Mexico in a Scandinavian Mennonite community called Nueva Escandinavia.
Mennonites are similar to Amish People, they live more or less isolated from the rest of the society with their own rules and traditions, in Mexico City you can see these natural blond Mexicans selling cheese on the street.

His parents were Mennonite hippies, something extremely uncommon at this point (and still is), who felt that the community were a little to small for their ideas, so they moved to Sweden and took the little child Martin with them. 10 years ago Martin moved back to Mexico City, where he still lives today.
Menonita Rock is Los Fancy Free’s debut album, released in Mexico through great Electro/House-label Noiselab. The music on Los Fancy-Free's Menonita Rock is some kind of raw, punkish electro pop.

"This album has been a bit like revisiting my childhood, mixing music styles that back then were impossible to mix. You either listened to electro or punk, not both. But I did, so when I were hanging out with my punk rocking friends I had to hide away my Gary Numan, Soft Cell, Human League, Depeche Mode, Fad Gadget and Bowie records", says Martin.

"I think living in Mexico City is extremely important to what I do. People in Europe with the same influences as I would probably come up with someting more boutique, for boutique people and fashion designers or whatever. But if you live in Mexico City it's impossible not to mix in the chaos. This city is never quiet, it's hysterical, it's urban planning out of control.

The video for the song “Voltage is ok” was directed by Henry Moore Selder, who has made videos for The Hives, Garbage, Jimi Tenor, Komeda, Dr Kosmos, etc. Los Fancy-Free recently played in Detroit, London, Berlin and in Sweden (www.neongallery.nu).

Martin dresses up really elegantely live with clothes he claims belonged to his grand father. The shows are extatic, many times Martin ends up off stage and the audience on stage singing karaoke to Los Fancy-Free songs. "Anybody can be a rock star nowadays, it's all about having fun and trying not to take it too seriously, probably anybody could sing my songs better than I do, even without knowing the lyrics."

Los Fancy Free is also part of the Bungalow compilation “Manos Arriba”. In may/june he will be touring Europe with “Manos Arriba” (together with Silverio). Catch him there!

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